Dirty Dancing (1987)


Nobody puts baby in the corner

Amilie Ardolino directs this romantic drama film set in the summer of 1963. Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman (played by Jennifer Grey) is on holiday with her family at Kellermans, a mountain resort. She has hopes to attend Mount Holyoke College to study economics of the underdeveloped countries and enter the peace corps. During the stay she meets and develops a crush on the dance instructor Johnny Castle (played by  the remarkable Patrick Swayze).

Soon after, Baby lies to her father (Jerry Orbach) to pay for an illegal abortion for Johnny’s dance partner. After Baby becomes his replacement partner they fall in love  and embark on a summer romance amidst everything else that goes on.

When I first watched this film a while ago I didn’t like it that much, but as I’ve got older I’ve appreciated it more. It has a memorable  soundtrack, great actors and actresses and is the typical ‘coming of age film’ for all to enjoy. I still can’t believe it was originally a low budget film and eventually  became a massive box office hit.

My rating: 5/5


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