The Diary of Anne Frank (1959)

Anne Frank

‘I want to go on living even after I’m dead

George Stevens directs this emotional and harrowing drama depicting the story of the young Jewish Girl Anne Frank (played well by Millie Perkins) who with her family is forced into hiding in an attic in Nazi occupied Amsterdam. The film was based on Anne Frank’s diary and the stage play that was adapted from it.

Personally, I loved this retelling of Anne Frank’s story and her diary. It has a breathtaking soundtrack, a superb cast (including the actor Ed Wynn from Mary Poppins as Mr Dussell and Richard Beymer who played Tony in the 1960s musical West Side Story as Peter Van Daan)  At times it can bring you to tears, especially the ending with the voiceover as Joseph Scdkraut (who plays Otto Frank) reads the last part of Anne’s diary.

In my opinion, a great cinematic success retelling the story of such a remarkable and brave individual.

‘In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.’

My rating 5/5

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