The Notebook (2004)


Now, say you’re a bird 

Nick Cassevets directs this romantic drama about poor boy Noah (Ryan Gosling) who falls for rich girl Ali Hamilton (Rachel McAdams) during the late 1930s. The film is based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks. Ali’s parents do not approve of the match and the two separate amidst social differences.

The clever element of this story is that the whole narrative  evolves around an old gentleman named Duke (played by the late James Gardner) at a nursing home reading to an elderly lady named Allie who is loosing her memory and he reads to her often. It turns out that the rich girl and the poor boy who had separated was in fact them; Allie’s mother had tried to stop their  relationship  and when the Second World War broke out Noah had tried to rebuild an old house for them and Allie eventually broke off an engagement with another man named Lon (played by James Marsden) as she knew that she still had feelings for Noah from seven years previously.

An overall heart warming film with a great cast and breathtaking cinematography its a timeless love story that you can watch again and again (armed with a box of tissues) The book is pretty faithful to the film as well, although the book branches out on stuff basically covered in the film.

My only criticism is the fact that it seemed a bit clichéd in parts which got irritating and often a bit unrealistic but overall a nice little love story.

Good night, I’ll be seeing you 

My rating: 4/5

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