Hitchcock (2012)


Are we going to have to sell the whole house, or just the pool?

Sacha Gervasi directs this biographical drama film about the legendary Alfred Hitchcock (Antony Hopkins) and the making of his iconic film Psycho with his wife Alma (Helen Mirren). The film  deals with the censorship issues that arose around the movie, the general production and the couple’s relationship behind the scenes and the public eye.

Unlike other critics of this film I thought it was good how they focused on Hitchcock’s wife as a ‘person’ rather than just a minor character in the background. Antony Hopkins was excellent as ‘the master of suspense’ the Great Hitchcock as was Mirren as his somewhat long suffering, but determined wife. It was also good that Scarlett Johansson played Janet Leigh, the leading lady of Psycho who is the actress Jamie Lee Curtis’s late mother.

It was also clever that the film merged sequences of Hitchcock being an observer to the murderer Ed Gein’s crimes with the general narrative.

Overall, a watchable film with a super  soundtrack by Danny Elfman.

Good evening.

My rating: 5/5

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