The New World (2005)



Mother, now I know where you live

Terrance Malick directs this historical drama about the story of Pocohontas (no, its not the disney version) and the founding of James Town, Virginia in the 1600s.

I came across Malick’s work in my first year of undergraduate studies in Canterbury when watching one of his other works ‘Badlands.’ I watched this film properly a few months ago for one of my masters modules ‘Conceptualising Film’. (I didnt particularly like the angle we took on it when discussing it in class )  It is also more faithful to the Pocohontas myth too.

Q’orianka Kilcher stars as Pocohantas with Colin Farrall as John Smith and Christian Bale (swoon) as John Rolfe. Christopher Plummer (Captain Von Trapp) also stars as Captain Christopher Newport.

This film was definitely a great piece of cinema especially with the music overall soundtrack and the use of the voice over but I felt that it dragged on a bit at times and was hard to get into.

My rating: 3.5/5


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