Superman (1978)


‘I’m here to fight for truth, justice and the American Way’

Richard Donner directs this action film based on the comic book series of the same name  about the alien infant Kal El who is sent by his father Jor-El (Marlon Brando) to Earth after being unable to convince the council that the planet Krypton will be destroyed. The little boy is adopted by an elderly farm couple and he acquires the name Clark Kent. Gaining powers under Earth’s sun,  Clark will become the champion of truth and justice but must use his abilities for good.

As a young man Clark ( Christopher Reeve) travels to Metropolis and lives a double life as a reporter for the Daily Planet and as the superhero Superman. He also meets and falls in love with his co worker Lois Lane (Margot Kidder). And amidst all this there is the criminal genius Lex Luthor who cottons on to Superman’s weakness for Kryptonite.

Overall, this is one of my favourite superhero films. As a young girl I had a slight obsession with Superhero films such as this one and the 2000s Spiderman and its stuck with me ever since. It was known to have  amazing visual effects for the 1970s that might seem dated for the present day audience. My favourite part with the developing romance between Lois Lane and Clark/Superman and the balcony scene where he takes her on a flight around the city. It is particularly sweet as Lane has her own inner monologue Can you read my mind? as we see her falling in love with Superman. (John Williams did a breathtaking musical score on this).

Clark also defies Jor- El’s words about using his powers unwisely but instead remembers his own adoptive fathers’ words about ‘being put on earth for a reason.’ He  turns back time so Lois doesn’t die,defeats the bad guys and saves the day.  There have also been many sequels and a 2013 remake starring Henry Cavill.

A generally good, if not slightly cheesy action movie that epitomises the superhero genre.

My rating: 4.5/5

Can you read my mind? Do you know what it is you do to me? I don’t know what you are, just a friend from another star. Here I am, like a kid out of school holding hands with a god or a fool. When you look at me quivering, like a little girl, shivering, you can see right through me. Can you read my mind? Can you picture the things I’m thinking of? Wondering why you are… all the wonderful things you are. You can fly. You belong in the sky. You and I… could belong to each other. If you need a friend… I’m the one to fly to. If you need to be loved… here I am. Read my mind.

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