Fatal Attraction (1987)


I’m not going to be ignored, Dan’

Adrian Lyne directs this thriller about Dan Gallagher (Michael Douglas) who leads a good life in New York City. He has a stable job at the law firm, he is happily married to Beth (Anne Archer) and has a six year old daughter Ellen (Ellen Hamilton Latzen).

However after meeting a book editor named Alex (Glenn Close) and having a casual fling, his world is turned upside down after she becomes unstable once he jilts her.

I first came across this film when reading a journalistic piece about feminism for A Level English and became interested in it. I don’t know what it was that drew me to it exactly, I guess that at the time the thriller genre was new to me.

Having grown up with Glenn Close in roles such as Cruella De Vil, I felt that her harrowing performance of the femme fetale was the performance that stood out for me. I liked and disliked Douglas’ character because on one hand he had it all, and by having a fling with Alex and then pretending like nothing had happened he thought he could pretend like nothing had happened but by the end I felt scared for him because as revenge, Alex nearly killed his wife, boiled Ellen’s rabbit and kidnapped Ellen. I found Archer’s portrayal as Beth  to be a bit annoying at times as she was the perfect wife with the perfect figure (Beth and Alex I think, put the streotypical image of women on a pedestal). In a way though, Beth saves the day, so you can give her some credit. Latzen as Ellen was very sweet and it broke my heart seeing the cuts between the shots  of the boiled bunny and Ellen running excitedly to see her new pet, only to discover she’s gone.

A bit of trivia is the fact that Close was pregnant with her daughter during the ending scenes which makes it that bit more uneasy to watch.

Overall, an interesting film with lots of things to analyse.

My rating: 3.5/5

If you ever come near my family again I’ll kill you, do you understand?

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