Schindlers List (1993)


‘Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire’

Steven Spielberg directs this American historical period drama based on the true story of the unlikely figure who saved 1,100 Jews from being gassed at Autzwitz.

Liam Neeson plays Oscar Schindler who arrives in Kraków hoping to make his fortune from World War 2. After joining the Nazi party, he staffs his factory with Jewish workers.

I remember watching parts of the film in RE classes at school and thinking how long and drawn out it was.

Rewatching it again two years ago, I was interested in it and borrowed the book from my local library. I like how Spielberg presents the audience with contrasts, particularly good vs evil and the opposition between Schindler and Amon Goth (played by the excellent Ralph Fiennes).

Other notable symbols are candles and the little girl in red.

I also felt a hint of sympathy for Schindler’s wife Emilie (Caroline Goodhall) as the somewhat neglected wife when her husband has affairs, even when she came to visit him. The book and documents based on the real event branch out a lot more on her involvement saving the Jews along with her husband.

A bit of trivia was that Spielberg was able to get permission to film outside Auschwitz but didn’t, out of respect.

An iconic and cinematically brilliant film.

My rating: 4/5



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