Tangled (2010)

Frying pans, who knew
Nathan Greno and Byron Howard directed this 3D animated film about the young, lost princess Rapunzel (Mandy Moore) locked up in a tower by her overprotective and overbearing Mother Gothel (Donna Murphy).
Little does Rapunzel know (until the end of the film) that she in-fact a princess and her parents the king and queen have been searching for her for nearly 18 years. Mother Gothel in fact snatched the baby Rapunzel from her crib to use her beautiful golden hair as a healing power against old age.

With the help of handsome Flynn (Zachary Levi) Rapunzel gets to experience the outside world that she has never seen.

I got to rewatch this little gem again today thanks to Disney+. I was particularly impressed by the  breathtaking animation style and fell in love all over again with the catchy songs.

As a side thought, watching the film again as an adult made me realise just how emotionally manipulative Mother Gothel was to Rapunzel. As I said before, I loved all the songs but my particular favourite was ‘I see the Light.’

As we are in the middle of a Corona virus crisis it’s  also quite ironic that the kingdom in the film was called ‘Corona’.

Overall,  a charming film.

My rating : 4/5

I’ve got a dream!



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